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Dynamic Test Of Manhole Cover

Scientific and rigorous work attitude is the premise of ensuring product quality. It adopts advanced testing equipment and sites at home and abroad to do sample testing from each batch,meanwhile to issue corresponding testing data to keep and make guard for each product’s passing rate is 100%.

Tension Test 

Tensile test

We will do sampling tensile test as to each batch product, displaying test data and status in actual time, The test process’s control is realized by automatic controlled . it can calculate the largest test force value and breaking powder data and so other testing data automatically.

Stress Test 

pressure test

The compression and flexural strength test of the manhole cover can meet the CJ/T3012-1993 "cast iron inspection manhole cover" standard. Our company will do sample pressure test for each batch of products, that is the test parameter is higher than or equal to the standard to ensure manhole cover is fully qualified from factory delivered.