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Mold Design

Manhole cover is city's business card. It begins with solving practical details, and becomes an art owing to exquisite workmanship, now it is popular and developed a especial culture finally. You can see  manhole cover and grating with landscapes, historical stories or urban features printed in almost every city.  During the rainy season, accidents such as motorcycles and bicycles slipping on manhole cover have occurred frequently. The engineer improved the surface of the manhole cover by adding some embossed pattern design, which is not only non-slip but also very beautiful.

As one of the few manufacturers of manhole cover in China, Keyuda Foundry has produced manhole covers covering the entire industry in recent years. It has accumulated various types of manhole cover molds and can provide any types to customers. Over time, from quantitative to qualitative change, custom manhole cover has been increasingly valued and orders has increased, Our engineers have designed standard manhole cover and meanwhile innovating and researching continuously and formed a complete set manhole cover design system of Keyuda Foundry , it can meet customers’ requirement in the whole industry and has also established a leading position in domestic.