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Company Profile

  Shanxi Province Jincheng City Keyuda Foundry Co.Ltd., located in Casting Industrial area of Nancun Town, Zezhou County ,Jincheng City, Shanxi Province,China. it founded in February ,2014, registered capital is 80 million yuan ,our annual output is about 100,000 Tons. After these years development,we had become a lead and professional casting company with produce and develop different specifications manhole covers,casting parts,machine accessories in the whole china.

  In the spirit of “ Integrity first,quality wins” that our company obtained  environmental certificate about carbon footprint and label from the inspection of China Quality Certification Center (CQC) in September, 2015, won a leader position in this area . Through the product carbon footprint inventory project, the company has improved its own domestic and international competitiveness, and also filled up bank of carbon footprint data in domestic which authored a low carbon transformation development direction in this industry area. We individualized recover the heat according to greenhouse gases emission situation during production process, it achieves energy-saving effect and establish a basis for company’s low carbon environmental protection development. 

  Research and development also with production are our main projects. Through self - create spirit, our company adopts domestic advanced horizontal static pressure production line, sand conditioning and painting with automatic,machining and so other improved equipment., designed specifically production process for the manhole casting so that company owned the advantage of scientific research also with product competitive which it have become the top research and development manufacturing enterprises in China's foundry industry.

  As to ductile iron manhole cover we produce which it gets spheroidal graphite through spheroidization and inoculation,  which effectively improves the mechanical properties of casing, especially for improving ductility and flexibility so that get higher strength than carbon steel.

  Products are widely used in cities, water Conservancy, electricity, road administration, communities, public places(roads, parks, squares, green areas), etc Meanwhile, our company also produce different kinds of pipe and fitting(such as lamp stand and chair). Goods not only are popular in domestic market, but also exported to America, Korea,Malaysia,Italy, Saudi Arabia, Dubai ,Yemen and so on.

  Company's deep industry background and resources also together with unique technological innovation which it had already become a significant and push force for the whole china casting industry. With our company’s positive initiatives, China Foundry Association had the industry standard meeting in our city about “Ductile iron manhole cover, Grating And Accessories ” in Sep, 2016.It announced on Dec 12, 2016 and published on Feb 28, 2017, meanwhile the same meeting by China Foundry Association opened in our company in Jul, 2018. We also successfully passed review of production safety standardization and officially became a two level standard company in Oct, 2016. Meanwhile we got honours of "Advanced Production Safety " and “Specialize in special” from Shanxi Province government in 2017.

  With high-quality products and services, we get praise and praise by users at home and abroad, and promote continuously Chinese Foundry industry to the world!