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Manhole Cover Installation

Installation and fixing construction proposal
There is no absolute standard for the installation of manhole covers and bottom frames. This note only advises the installer responsible
Notch Seam
①Spare slot  
② Place on the concrete without cracks and clean the dust, mud or grease on the joint slots.
Bottom frame installation, leveling, closing
Place the bottom frame on the seam notch, the bite should be accurate, use the appropriate wedge to level the bottom frame, and the upper plate to close the gap. For the large and light bottom frame, when installing the manhole cover, check the flatness and do not shake. If necessary, stop even during the installation process to ensure that it is level.
The positioning fixing material adopts a quick and non-shrinking mortar, and the mortar is poured under the bottom frame (the mortar must be filled with the stencil frame), in order to ensure that the entire manhole cover and the bottom frame can uniformly bear the load due to the traffic and does not shake, the bottom frame 100% must be in full contact with the mortar bonding material and filled with leveling. Unless it is to be poured on asphalt pavement, leave a depth of 20mm for pouring, cover the seam notch, and cover with canvas or tarpaulin to maintain the mortar before formal use.
Finishing and manhole cover are put into use
Remove the template, etc., use the mortar on the inner wall of the well (if necessary), install the manhole cover on the bottom frame to ensure the middle of the law (clean the contact surface if necessary), and pour the asphalt concrete where the asphalt concrete is required. use.